Current Class Offerings


Itsy Bitsy Yoga® for TYKES / LITTLE FAMILIES with a Parent/Caregiver (Sibling class)
ages: 2 years to 5 years old.

Little Families is suitable for younger siblings to join.

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WEBSPY_kids_yoga-skinny125.jpgSweet Pea KIDS Yoga
Drop-off Classes 

ages: Kids from 5 – 14 years old
(age range varies by class)

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Offered Occasionally


Itsy Bitsy Yoga® for BABIES with a Parent/Caregiver
ages: newborn to almost crawling

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Itsy Bitsy Yoga® for TOTS with a Parent/Caregiver
ages: almost crawling to 23 months

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"The class helped me to read my baby's needs better; I learned to slow down with her; help her learn to calm herself."
~ Mom of a 3 month old baby

"The class made me feel good and relaxed myself! My baby and I have a more relaxing relationship."
~ Mom of 2 month old baby

"Alexandra has a positive attitude and is welcoming. She shows and demonstrates poses well and calls out the poses the children are spontaneously doing. The class was a special bonding time. We practice some yoga poses every day. I think she naps better and longer."
~ Mom of a 14 month old tot

"My granddaughter and I love going to yoga with Alexandra. After class we go home and share what we have learned with grandpa and great-grandma! A favorite is when we all do the yogi-yogi. "
~ Grandmother of 18 month old tot

"As a mom of two little girls close in age I was looking for something that the three of us could do together. Anyone who has looked for a sibling class knows that it's very rare and hard to find! I was thrilled to find Sweet Pea Yoga and their Tyke/Little Family Itsy Bitsy Yoga class! Between Alexandra's gift for working with children and her love of yoga, you’ll end up with a stellar experience that is beyond your wildest imagination!"
Mom of 3 and 4½ year old tykes