Upcoming Teen Yoga Classes

TEEN Yoga classes are held in-person at Common Ground Yoga (Framingham, MA) and
at Shanti Yoga (Hopkinton, MA) as well as online via livestream.

Relax & Renew Teen Yoga - Tuesdays, 3:15pm, Framingham Details

Teen Yoga (full-vax class) - Thursdays, 4:00pm, Hopkinton Details

Peaceful Evening Yoga (livestream) - Thursdays, 6:00pm, Online Details

Teen Yoga Level Two- Fridays, 4:00pm, Framingham Details

TEEN YOGA - All Levels
ages: 12 – 17 years old (age range varies by class)

Sweet Pea's TEEN YOGA class is a dedicated hour where students develop and strengthen their yoga practice in a peaceful, creative, and reflective class. In addition to the benefit of yoga postures which bolster flexibility and balance, teens will explore how yoga can cultivate mindfulness, apply compassion towards ourselves and others, and strengthen our emotional resilience. Through meditation and an emphasis on the internal experience, this class centers self-care and honoring our mental and physical well-being. Learning to manage stress and anxiety are critical life skills (at any age) and this yoga class can help students discover which tools and techniques resonate for them both on and off the mat.
No prior yoga experience is required.

TEEN YOGA - Relax & Renew  - All Levels
ages: 12 – 17 years old 

It’s long overdue to have a class where rest and renewal take center stage and are finally prioritized in a teenager’s week. This class guides students in nurturing the critical life skill of stress management through emphasizing the value of slowing down, pausing the perpetual exertion of one’s growing body and mind, and allowing space and time to rebuild energy. This quiet class positions stress-relief and recuperation above all and where less truly is more.
Through gentle movement and steady breathing, we’ll aim to soothe the body on the outside with the purpose of easing any internal accumulated pressure or exhaustion. This class will soften the edges with slow, calming poses and longer-held, restorative shapes as we gently work our way toward an extended Savasana.
This is a weekly hour-long, in-studio class designed for teens (13 to 17 years old).

TEEN YOGA - Level 2 Class
ages: 13 – 17 years old 

At last, a class for committed and experienced teenage yoga students (ages 13 to 17 years old) eager to dive deeper into their yoga practice with an exploration of more complex poses, concepts, subtle anatomy, and technique. This weekly in-studio class will help students with 2+ years of yoga experience strengthen their mind-body connection through an inquisitive asana and meditation practice offered in a 70-minute format.

Emphasizing the internal experience above all, this class aims to help teens attune to the particular needs of their own body and heart and to develop the confidence to adjust their practice to reflect those evolving needs. This is an intimately-sized class fostering a nurturing, trusting space for each student to grow along an individual path and is adaptive to any degree of strength or flexibility.
Experience: minimum of 2 years of mat yoga experience is required.

Peaceful Evening Yoga (livestream)
ages: tweens & teens 9 – 15 years old  

Peaceful Evening Yoga is the perfect home-based, mid-week yoga class to help preteens and teens wind down from the day, soothe our active bodies and minds, and calm our hearts with a gentle class before bed. This class is helpful for students who find it hard to settle at the end of the day or need support transitioning out of "learning and doing" into a steadier mindset. Practicing yoga from the comforts of home can be beneficial for the many students who may have worry and stress challenging their sleep routine. 

"My 13 year-old daughter has been taking yoga at Sweet Pea Yoga with Alexandra for several years. Yoga has given my daughter tools to use when she feels worried or anxious. Yoga has helped my daughter listen to her body when it needs something.

Alexandra is not only an amazing yoga teacher she is a wonderful, caring and thoughtful person who really knows every student in her class. She is one of those special teachers that will forever impact my child’s life.
Friday is my daughter’s favorite day of the week because she gets to do yoga with her favorite teacher, Alexandra." ~ Sweet Pea Yoga parent since 2016