Upcoming Kids & Preteen Yoga Classes

Kids Yoga classes are currently being held online via livestream.

Peaceful Evening Yoga Ages 9-15y (livestream) - Wednesdays, 5:15pm Details

As with all Sweet Pea classes, advance registration is required.
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Sweet Pea Yoga KIDS & Preteen Classes
ages: kids 5 – 12 years old (age range varies by class)

Sweet Pea Yoga for Kids is an environment where children can develop and strengthen their yoga practice in a peaceful, creative, and fun-loving class. In addition to enjoying the variety of beneficial yoga postures that build strong bones, improve flexibility and balance, kids will discover how yoga can be integrated into their everyday lives and interactions beyond the mat. Kids will learn tools for developing mindfulness, cultivating compassion, making healthy life and social choices, calming techniques, and kid-friendly meditation exercises.  No prior yoga experience is required.

Most Sweet Pea KIDS classes are grouped by age range--typically 5-9, 7-13y and TEEN Yoga classes often are grouped as 9-15y or 12-17y. There can be some flexibility - just ask!

Peaceful Evening Yoga (livestream)
ages: Preteens & Teens 9 – 15 years old  

Peaceful Evening Yoga is the perfect home-based, mid-week yoga class to help preteens and teens wind down from the day, soothe our active bodies and minds, and calm our hearts with a gentle class before bed. This class is helpful for students who find it hard to settle at the end of the day or need support transitioning out of "learning and doing" into a steadier mindset. Practicing yoga from the comforts of home can be beneficial for the many students who may have worry and stress challenging their sleep routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sweet Pea KIDS Yoga 

Sweet Pea KIDS was developed in a way that can be adapted to the group as a whole, their interests, and to be able to explore more deeply when the group is drawn to certain concepts, poses or meditation techniques. Our KIDS class is a distinct and different program than Itsy Bitsy Yoga—the parent-child classes we offer.

Just as no two children are alike, Sweet Pea KIDS is not a one size fits all yoga class. Kids with a diversity of interests and personalities can thrive in Sweet Pea KIDS—they are able to just be themselves—but it’s valuable to recognize that our approach is just one of many approaches to yoga. If a parent is questioning whether their child is a good fit for any class they are encouraged to reach out prior to registering.

Quite simply, some kids are happiest in a parent-child (family yoga) class or thrive more fully in a semi-private or very small yoga class. Some children are a natural fit for a yoga class that is more play-focused or get extra support in a therapy-based yoga setting. It is essential that each child participates in a way that is responsible and safe for their own body as well as supportive of the safety of the other children in the class. When a child is unable to meet that important qualification (intentionally or unintentionally) or if the instructor perceives a risk, it is at the discretion of the instructor that the child may be asked to discontinue the session immediately, with no refund. To this end, we promise honesty and clear communication with the parents when it seems that a child may be better suited to a different approach to yoga. We share the same goal of supporting your child and wanting the very best for him.