Read what parents and caregivers are saying about Sweet Pea Yoga...

"As a mom of two little girls close in age I was looking for something that the three of us could do together. Anyone who has looked for a sibling class knows that it's very rare and hard to find! I was thrilled to find Sweet Pea Yoga and their Tyke/Little Family Itsy Bitsy Yoga class! Between Alexandra's gift for working with children and her love of yoga, you’ll end up with a stellar experience that is beyond your wildest imagination!"

"Alexandra has a gentle, easy-going nature. She makes babies and mommies feel comfortable."

"My granddaughter and I love going to yoga with Alexandra. After class we go home and share what we have learned with grandpa and great-grandma! A favorite is when we all do the Yogi Yogi. "

We started our journey at the Itsy Bitsy Baby level, which gave me the courage to immerse my daughter in the community (I was a “nervous Nellie” mommy). We then graduated to Tots Yoga, which allowed my daughter her "yoga independence". Currently, we are in the Tykes Yoga and I am amazed by watching my daughter's relationship with me, yoga, and Alexandra coming to fruition. Alexandra has fostered a nurturing learning environment for both my daughter and me. Alexandra goes WAY above and beyond and that is what sets her apart! I highly recommend Sweet Pea Yoga to everyone I know and will continue to be students of Alexandra's until my daughter ages out.

"My daughter loves yoga with Alexandra and is excited to show Daddy the poses she learned during the class. It is the perfect way for both of us to get a little exercise while having fun with great people!"

"The class helped my baby with gas and longer naps. It helped us relax and have fun."

"Alexandra has a good voice tone with the kids and can get their attention. The class helped the relationship with my daughter to be more relaxed. It is something fun to do together."

"In times of uneasiness (crying, boredom, etc.) I now have a repertoire of quick actions to call upon."

“I work full time but still wanted our daughter to enjoy the benefits of Itsy Bitsy Yoga. Our nanny loves taking her every week, and I love seeing what my daughter can do now!  I also enjoy having the option of the special weekend classes so I can participate in the fun too!"

One mama of three girls shared a love letter telling us why Sweet Pea Yoga is an important part of her family. Many busy families will relate to Tracie's special story. 

It’s Tuesday night and I am getting a headache just planning through the next day. Gracie and Sofie do not have preschool — instead they have school conferences. On top of that, I have Tots Yoga with Izzie which means I’ll be racing around town to get child care for the older ones because I have one conference before Tots Yoga and one conference after Tots Yoga. My day would be so much simpler if I just took Tots Yoga off the table for the day. Unthinkable! Why? There are so many reasons I do not want to miss my yoga class with Izzie.

First, Izzie is the 3rd child and she often gets lost in the confusion of her active siblings on the go. Tots Yoga is a wonderful class for the two of us to get grounded and connected. Sweet Pea Yoga helps me see all that she is and the person she has grown into. It reminds me to be thankful for it all. In fact, I felt this way about all my children taking Baby and Tots Yoga. With Gracie, my oldest whom I had the luxury of taking all three levels of Itsy Bitsy Yoga, my proudest moment was her singing and doing Star Pose with the class and then when she finished, on her own she said “Tree Pose!” and came into a perfect Tree Pose - that moment stays with me.

Alexandra has a way of bringing out each child’s sparkle through yoga and you really get to see each child’s personality come out. I feel blessed that Alexandra is in my family’s life and for the classes with Sweet Pea Yoga!

On an adult note, I love the interaction with the other parents. I adore seeing other mothers in love with their children and experiencing fun with them! I love being in a room among women at the same point in life as me. Alexandra introduces conversations that make it easy to bond and share experiences with other women. It also helps me on a health level by inspiring me to stay active and fit. One of the many messages I am sending to my children by taking classes with Sweet Pea is: "I want you to stay active and fit so in turn I should practice what I preach."

These are the reasons I make Tots Yoga a priority in our life. Sweet Pea Yoga gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I carry with me through the week!